Soup Nazi in the Flesh

Soup Nazi in the Flesh

Every generation has a series that somehow marks the most significant years of their life and the series Seinfeld is certainly one of the epic ones. While there were numerous characters and moments that we will be talking about for many years to come, one of the most striking characters is “The Soup Nazi”. The thing about him was that he was famous for serving delicious soup, but had a pretty rude behavior.

Even though this is a fictional character, it is actually part of reality now. Ilya Goldberg says that this character was an inspiration for him, but there is more behind every story. Even though there are many stories that he is a humanitarian who gives out soup to the homeless, it seems like it is all an act just like politicians run campaigns to get votes from the ordinary people.

So, if you ask me if he is a Soup Nazi in the flesh, I would say “Hell yeah”. He is even worse than that. This may sound politically incorrect in the era when we all strive to be polite and appreciative, but this is something that I want to be loud about and simply share what I think with the world. His temper is like a landmine that constantly goes off at someone leaving victims behind. This may sound harsh, but let me explain my rage against Stone Soup Company.

What is cookin’

I got provoked by seemingly absurd reason. It is clear that businesses go through all kinds of things, but I get pretty sensitive when it comes to harassment and bullying women. I found out about this place through Deana, a friend, and a marketing director who started working there in the evenings. She mentioned that the food is good, so I had to check it out.

One of the first things that came to my attention was Jessica who looked like she is the representative of Satan itself. She was in her forties and looked like her bitterness is about to boil. After a few weeks, Deana came to me, and just by looking at her, I could tell that there was something wrong. She got criticized by the Soup Nazi that her appearance doesn’t fit this restaurant, but more a truck stop. Commenting on someone’s appearance is beyond rude.

After being a part of this hell, she had stated that she quits. She dropped a bomb on the manager in charge and expected at least to get some decent “Thank you” or “Best of luck”. Instead, she had to wait to get the money SHE EARNED for about a month and a half. They constantly provided excuses on why she didn’t get the money. Other workers had some experiences. In fact, Ilya needs lots of explaining to do. People need money and he is not playing fair.

That is not the end of it. He got sued by the previous landlord because Ilya trashed it on purpose. Instead of being ashamed, he brags about it, which is an outrage. Last week, I got a call from Diana when she told me that she had an inconvenience with Ilya when he was in her face. That made me furious! I somehow managed to restrain myself from doing something I wouldn’t be proud of, but we still got the threatening messages from him about Deana’s review that she published online, which you can read and decide for yourself if you agree or not.

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