Why are Claims About Haunted Hotels So Popular?

It is a one-century old hotel and during World War II it was used as a prison. The prisoners were Axis diplomats held by the State Department.

Hotels tend to claim that they have an unusual guest that can be seen on certain occasions which can attract numerous guests who are in the mood for a little mystery. However, this hotel is truly special. It is located in Asheville in North Carolina. It is a one-century old hotel and during World War II it was used as a prison. The prisoners were Axis diplomats held by the State Department.

Some of the famous guests were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Helen Keller, and Thomas Edison. That is enough to get us interested in the story, don’t you think? More importantly, there is one guest that enjoys it like it’s her home – Pink Lady. The thing is, she is not a person, but a ghost! Reportedly, she loves to appear when there are few guests and on the occasions when she is least expected – very early or pretty late. The interesting thing about her is that numerous employees have felt chills whenever they visited room 545. It is not clear if she ever used this room or not, but it is still very strange.

The fascinating thing is that she is not wearing pink, but she looks like a pink mist. There was even an investigation about her, so here is what they found out.

The owner was Edwin Wiley Grove in 1913. He got rich after he invented a medicine for treating malaria. Becoming friends with Fred Seely just helped him along the way. The builders had strict instructions, so the appearance is truly marvelous. The lobby was stunning – reportedly, there were more than 600 pieces of luxury furniture. Every detail was done with care. There was also a fireplace that truly added warmth to the interior. However, what is even more interesting is that there is a picture of Pink Lady standing next to it.

Of course, the story about Pink Lady is full of unbelievable details and gaps that talented storytellers eagerly fill. According to the legend, she died in the Palm Court. But, that is not the end of it. Some say she has been murdered, some say she committed suicide. Who knows what could be the truth? One thing they all agree on is that she is very feminine, beautiful, and mysterious.

Some people believe she was mad, others that she was a prostitute. One man claims that she is Zelda Fitzgerald. Her husband was an aspiring writer who stayed in rooms 441 and 443. However, this is not likely to be true since Zelda died in the hospital fire in 1948.

There were some measures taken to help the guests to see Pink Lady, so it was advised that young children don’t visit it, but also that the guests don’t run water at night. She is likely to appear when the hotel is quiet. Only when the silence wraps the hotel, she may appear to tickle the guests or wander the hotel’s corridors.

It seems that many people truly enjoy talking about her, so the legend keeps on living. Everyone has something to say about her. If you are lucky, you will see her while she plays with the lights turning them on and off. She is a spirit that cannot rest. Her room is not used by anyone else, so a “Do not disturb” sign is always on the doorknob. She has become a part of the hotel, so make sure to be quiet when you enter her territory. That is the only way to see this incredible phenomenon!

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