Facebook Helps You Get Over Your Ex with Changes in the Privacy Settings

There is some good news - you can stay friends, but all the happy news in their life won’t be in your face all the time.

We all know how breakups can be ugly. Even if you are the one who initiates it, it can still be painful and awkward. What can you do to keep the peace, but still distance yourself enough to heal? Well, being connected on social media is inevitable and if you feel that unfriending or blocking your ex is a little bit extreme, there is some good news – you can stay friends, but all the happy news in their life won’t be in your face all the time.

Facebook has made some significant changes, so healing can be much simpler and less painful. There are various privacy settings updates that will enable you to select what do you want to see and what would you rather skip. Think about the news you would feel comfortable seeing. That will help you to maintain a healthy distance but don’t declare war without a reason.

The only thing you need to do is to select a single status and you will be able to choose the new options. Not only you can choose what do you want to see, but you will be able to select what your ex can see about you. This means that you won’t be reminded of your failed relationship every time you want a little bit of time for yourself. Depending on your preferences, you can also decide to show or hide previous posts.

Even if there are some pictures that you want to keep, you won’t have to delete them or show them again, since you can choose who can be able to see them. If you choose the option “only me” they will become invisible to the public. Pretty great, right? Well, we think so.

This can also be handy for future encounters. Wanting to move on includes meeting new people and it has become pretty normal to snoop around the profile of the person we like since everything we post says a lot about the person. This makes it even more important to be careful about each picture and post we want to publish. Not to mention the importance of protecting your heart and your mental health by limiting the attention your ex gets. It is time for something new and we are glad that Facebook supports us with this small but extraordinary change!

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