Sony Is Reviving Its Vinyl Record Production

mag813 June 30, 2017 0
Sony Is Reviving Its Vinyl Record Production

In an effort to keep up with the trend, Sony is planning to produce vinyl records once again for the first time in nearly three decades, as sales of vinyl last year reached a 25-year high.

Vinyl sales outpaced digital music sales at one point last year in the U.K., and in the U.S., 17.2 million units were shipped last year, with consumers 35 and younger accounting for 70% of the production.

With young and old consumers embracing the nostalgia for physical formats of music, Sony initially stopped making vinyl records in 1989 after the rise of CDs (compact disk,) which the company co-developed and began selling in 1982.

Production of vinyls are scheduled to resume by March 2018 at a plant in Japan’s Shizuoka district. Although Sony didn’t specify the genre of records it would manufacture, releases would include older, popular Japanese songs, as well as the latest hit albums.

Interestingly, Sony Music installed record-cutting equipment at a Tokyo recording studio earlier this year, enabling it to produce the masters from which vinyl records are copied.

With cutting a very delicate process, since the quality of sound is affected by the depth and angle of the grooves — Sony is looking to bring in old record engineers to pass on their knowledge in order to help meet the demand for vinyls.

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