People Are Already Reselling The iPhone X for Insane Prices

mag813 November 3, 2017 0
People Are Already Reselling The iPhone X for Insane Prices

The iPhone X has literally just begun to arrive in stores and people are already reselling the device.

Because of the time difference, Singapore and Hong Kong were among the first countries to receive the coveted new phone. Mashable reports that people from Vietnam and Thailand flew to Singapore to buy up phones to resell at a higher price back home, with markups of over $400 as the phone won’t be made available in either country for a few months.

While Bloomberg reports that Hong Kong’s streets were filled with hawkers selling off fresh-from-the-store devices for a relatively small profit, with the phones going for around $1,345, up from the original price of $1,267.

Russia also got in on the resell game, with phones appearing online after the drop for around a 57 percent markup, with one phone selling for $3,600, according to Russian news agency TASS.

But that’s not the highest number we’ve seen. Before the phones even dropped, someone was attempting to sell their pre-order for an insane $60,000 on eBay. The listing has now been taken down, so either the seller came to their senses or else some Apple super-fan offline cashed up in an attempt to be among the first to cop.

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