NFL Introduces Dodgeball as Part of Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

mag813 December 13, 2016 0
NFL Introduces Dodgeball as Part of Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

There’s no easy way to say it, but the NFL Pro Bowl Game is bad. Now, it looks like Pro Bowl Week will outshine the actual game with the announcement of the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando. On Thursday, January 26, the AFC and NFC will square off against one another in a variety of contests involving nearly every positional player.

“Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball” is exactly what you think it is: a game of dodgeball with NFL players. Could you imagine seeing Aaron Rodgers effortlessly zip a ball into the chest of another player? The “Power Relay Challenge” groups four team members together for a timed relay race. Who doesn’t want to see the quickest players in the league set out to prove who is the fastest of them all?

The “Precision Passing” competition will feature two players on each team attempting to hit moving targets all over the field. We’ve seen quarterbacks try fitting passes through small windows all season long, but who is the most accurate passer right now? We’ll get our answer. “Best Hands” will have a quarterback and wide receiver try to complete as many passes as they can before time runs out. While our money would be on Odell Beckham Jr., there’s a possibility that he’ll try showing everyone that he’s the best by simply catching every pass with one hand.

Great decision, NFL. Now do us all a favor and end the Pro Bowl Game for good.

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