Netflix Finally Sets Premiere Date for ‘The Punisher’

Ben Delanoy October 19, 2017 0
Netflix Finally Sets Premiere Date for ‘The Punisher’

Following its first official trailer back in September, Marvel‘s The Punisher has been highly anticipated since the character was introduced during the second season of Daredevil. This time around, Netflix shares the series’ second trailer which welcomes you into the mind of Frank Castle.

Taking place in New York City, the vigilante seeks more than revenge for those who killed his family. Castle realizes that there’s a deeper conspiracy within authorities which forces him to fight injustice that may possibly be more than enough for him to handle. Nonetheless, The Punisher manages to put on his signature bulletproof vest and get ready for battle against New York’s toughest enemies while attempting to remain mentally stable.

Take a look the second trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher below and let us know your thoughts. The series is set to make its streaming premiere on Netflix on November 17.

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