James Joyce Irish Pub Announces the Man vs. Beef Eating Challenge

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James Joyce Irish Pub Announces the Man vs. Beef Eating Challenge

Popular Tampa-area restaurateur Ryan Gougeon announced the Man vs. Beef eating challenge to be held Friday, September 23, 2016, at the award-winning James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery in Ybor City, FL.

The eating challenge will feature four divisions: Women’s open weight class, Men’s light heavyweight class (175-219lbs,) Men’s super heavyweight division (220+lbs,) and the Hotter than Hell division.

In the first Man vs. Beef division, ladies will compete to be the first to finish the 8oz Jameson BBQ Burger. Men’s light heavyweights will tackle the 24oz NOM NOM Bacon Burger, and the super heavyweights will face the Celtic Warrior Burger, an intimidating 32oz of fresh Angus beef, topped with a mountain of onion rings, bacon, and cheese, all on a brioche bun. Hotter than Hell competitors will attack the Celtic Gates Burger – 16oz of Angus beef, covered in fiery ghost pepper relish, and topped with a habanero pepper.

“The buzz for this event has been far bigger than I imagined,” said restaurateur Ryan Gougeon, who expects a packed house for the event. “To win, the competitor must be the first to down their entire burger, and then sit for two minutes. If the competitor throws up or leaves the table, they are disqualified,” Gougeon explained.

Winners in each division will receive a championship belt and an assortment of prizes and goodies, along with all-important bragging rights.

“This event will set the bar for burger-eating competitions in the United States,” said Gougeon, and he extended a challenge: “I’d like to see some big names step up and take on some of my giants I have competing in this thing.”

One competitor, Matt “The Playboy” Bailey, stands 6’6” and weighs in “at a slim and trim 399 lbs,” according to Bailey, a mountain of a man with two tattoos on his shaved skull. Mr. Bailey laughed heartily when he heard the minimum weight for the heavyweights was a mere 220 lbs. “I weighed that in eighth grade,” quipped Bailey.

The Man vs Beef eating challenge promises to be a major event, with celebrity judges like Voodoo Chef Seasonings founder, Erik Youngs. Chef Youngs also founded the popular Burger Showdown at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa, an annual event that draws the best Tampa Bay restaurants to participate in a culinary competition attended by thousands.

Four hungry challengers will compete in each of the four Man vs. Beef divisions, and three alternates for each division will be prepared to step in should any competitor get cold feet.

Competitors can sign up by contacting the James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/jamesjoyceybor or on the website at jamesjoyceybor.com.

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