Celebrate Friday the 13th With Trent Reznor’s ‘Halloween’ Remix

mag813 October 13, 2017 0
Celebrate Friday the 13th With Trent Reznor’s ‘Halloween’ Remix

The theme song to John Carpenter‘s film Halloween remains imitably frightening, even nearly 40 years after the film’s release. Now, Nine Inch Nails members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released their rework of the song, just in time for Friday the 13th.

Reznor and Ross’ remake draws out the four-minute original for over seven tense minutes, crescendoing into a series of aggressive peaks. After an atmospheric 2-minute opening, the iconic melody emerges. The original theme’s familiar tones are rebuilt with layered synthesizers and moody samples, before the track drops out again. When the tune remerges, it’s bolstered by a pulsing bassline, distorted drums, and haunting feedback, recalling Reznor and Ross’ Nine Inch Nails output. Speaking about this version, Carpenter remarked, “I’m impressed.”

Carpenter is set to release a rerecorded anthology of his classic movie themes on Sacred Bones records in time for Halloween.

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