Ban Selfies! They Kill 800% More People Than Marijuana in the U.S.

mag813 April 19, 2017 0
Ban Selfies! They Kill 800% More People Than Marijuana in the U.S.

Cannabis killed someone. Ever heard of that? No. However, a new trend is rising where people are really dying from taking selfies. Selfies! It might be unbelievable, but numbers do not lie. Research shows that there have been 127 recorded deaths all around the world, with 8 of them recorded in the U.S. Here are the numbers: Selfies have caused 800% more deaths than Cannabis in the U.S. Alone.


This brings us to the point of how the drug war against Cannabis is one filled with injustice. Why? Because this war is too profitable for pharmaceutical companies(such as Big Pharma, who admitted that Cannabis would take a toll on their profits) and for the State. This causes drug companies to propagate how dangerous Cannabis is, even when there are proven scientific evidence of how Cannabis can be beneficial to one’s health.


How do these prohibitionists propagate? They claim that Cannabis does horrendous things, is bad for your health, and using it ultimately leads to death. But the fact is that there has been no recorded lethal overdose of Cannabis at all, much less a death caused by Cannabis. However, Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance. In this day and age where our smartphones can cause deaths, albeit rarely, a lack of awareness is clearly fatal. It is tragic, but the most dangerous fact about having pot isn’t ingesting it – but the fact that one might be killed by the police when there is suspicion of possession of pot. Zachary Hammond was only 19-years-old when he was shot and killed by police officers during a sting operation. Jonathan Santanella, only 17-years-old, was shot and killed when police officers suspected him of possessing pot in his car. Many more tragic stories exist. These stories just do not reach the eyes and ears of people who are in a position to make a change, as the government still feels the necessity to classify cannabis in the most dangerous category. In this day and age, I hope there would be more openness in our communities, and in the world, we live in. Death over a medicinal plant which has been proven to have certain health benefits is incomprehensible. How far do we have to fall before we raise the awareness that cannabis heals, not harm? This lack of awareness has caused the lives of many, and it is time for it to stop.

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