Facebook’s New Tool Aims To Stop Revenge Porn

mag813 April 5, 2017 0
Facebook’s New Tool Aims To Stop Revenge Porn

With a set of new tools, Facebook is seeking to stop the spread of revenge porn on its network, the company said on Wednesday.

To help stop intimate photos from being shared without a person’s consent, the social network will implement photo-matching tools that identify reported images and not only take them down from other Facebook News Feeds, but across all Facebook-owned platforms including Messenger and Instagram.

“If someone tries to share the image after it’s been reported and removed, we will alert them that it violates our policies and that we have stopped their attempt to share it,” Facebook said in a company blog post.

This is not the first time Facebook has tried to address revenge porn. However, people have still managed to post and share intimate photos of others without their permission. The most recent high-profile case was of a group of U.S. Marines who were posting nude photos of servicewoman in a secret Facebook group. They eventually moved on to using Snapchat when Facebook cracked down on the groups after they received publicity.

Facebook is not alone in the fight against revenge porn and worked with other online communities to build out the system. The company also hopes to start a domino effect and help other companies in the industry implement similar features.

“We worked with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and other companies to create a one-stop destination for victims and others to report this content to the major technology companies,” Facebook added.

To report a photo that might be considered “revenge porn,” users can click on the ellipses icon next to a post and then “report.” Users will then be asked to provide a reason for reporting the image.

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