American Horror Story: Cult Gets September Premiere Date

mag813 July 23, 2017 0
American Horror Story: Cult Gets September Premiere Date

A special installment at San Diego Comic Con saw the unveiling of the name and premiere date of the seventh season of American Horror Story, and directed fans to visit a promotional site to learn more. The site reveals the title for the season as American Horror Story: Cult and the premiere date to be Sept. 5. On the site, mysterious “tasks” are to be completed by fans in order to learn more about the forthcoming show.

The site shows a horde of swinging clowns swaying in cult-like rhythm around the show’s logo. (There’s audio, too, but we didn’t feel like blasting whatever loud, creepy shit they were playing.) Dedicated fans have eight weeks to complete eight consecutive tasks, one more becoming available each week. The first one consist of logging into Facebook and following a pre-scripted conversation with the show’s page on Facebook Messenger.

The site will serve as the official hub of all future reveals leading up to the premiere, but you’ll most likely have to be in the “cult” to get first dibs on any teasers. The show’s headliner Ryan Murphy had previously hinted the series would revolve around last year’s election, so the cults could very well be political organizations and secret societies that employ clowns in “get out the vote” efforts. Or if the show is like Roanoke, the number of cults will grow until Murphy covers every type of political affiliation and circus troupe imaginable.

Murphy has already shared a lot of hints about the season via his Instagram and Twitter, posting announcements for every actor who joins the cast. Follow Paste for more info on Cult—we’ll play along on the promo site so you don’t have to—and watch a creepy preview of the new season below.

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